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Apple has released a TV app outside of the US before the release of tvOS 11

The day before the official release tvOS 11, Apple released the Apple TV outside the US. According to reports on Twitter, the new product became available in Canada and Australia.

At the presentation of the iPhone and iPhone Plus 8/8 X 12 Sep Tim cook promised that this month will begin the launch of a new TV apps in seven countries other than the United States. If you believe Apple’s plans, by the end of the year, a new app for Apple TV will also be available in the UK, France, Sweden, Germany and Norway.

Ahead of the official release tvOS 11, scheduled for September 20, that the application became available, Twitter have started to inform residents of Canada and Australia. Social network users report that the new function is still limited, but this should be resolved with the release of new firmware version.

According to the notice Apple TV app works on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV and provides access to content from different sources. The program acts as a kind of aggregator that collects content from 60 different video resources without having to install and run a large number of individual services. In the new application, available movies, series and recommendations, selected based on user preferences. In the near future Apple is planning to add sports channels.

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