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Apple Pay in Russia: the record of 125,000 users and 120 million roubles transactions during the first days

Payment service Apple Pay during the first days of its work in Russia received 125,000 users-clients of the savings Bank, with which Apple have an exclusive agreement, according to “Kommersant”. Unexpectedly rapid growth in the number of users bears the risk for the banks, the audience that Apple Pay cannibalisim, experts say.

As of October 13, more than 125,000 cards of clients of the savings Bank was attached to Apple Pay, and the transaction volume amounted to more than 120 million rubles.

“In the first day managed to connect 20,000 people — a record of the first day of launch Apple Pay in the world, — he stressed. – The number of smartphone users on iOS that are MasterCard’s customers, about a million people.”

Apple Pay allows you to use smartphones to pay for purchases in shops, cafes and other establishments, withdrawing money with a credit / debit card. In Russia the service is available from October 4, the exclusive partner of Apple has become the savings Bank: for one month only its customers can use Apple Pay. Since November, the partners will include banks such as VTB, Alfa Bank, OTKRITIE, Tinkoff-Bank, Raiffeisenbank. To use the service can have iPhone SE iPhone 6 and more new models and the Apple Watch, which is a map of the savings Bank MasterCard. It is expected that the launch of Apple Pay on Visa will be in December.

The results of the first days of operation, Apple Pay show that the buyers are willing to replace the plastic card with a mobile phone, did not expect skeptics of the banking community, says CEO Ubank Felix Khachatryan. Top Manager of a large Bank calls 125 000 installations “nice and scary” result. “Apple Pay in the long term — a serious competitor to banks. Given that 125,000 units of the potential million made during the first week, it can be concluded that this is already happening: people choose Apple Pay as a more efficient payment method than credit card payments. So, the credibility of the service high enough”— said the source.


According to him, Apple Pay has enormous pressure on traditional market participants — the international payment system (IPS) and banks. “For them this is a dangerous situation, because it turns out that the banks themselves are lead by the hand of their customers to Apple. It’s a shame, because the banks and MPs did all the work, invested in infrastructure, but it was too late from the point of view of the development of its own mobile payment instruments, not paying them to develop the necessary attention,” says the source.

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