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Media: bent from two sides of glass housing iPhone 8 will be the new word in the design of the Apple

As you know, this year the design of the new flagship iPhone 7 will not be radically different from how look models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. A radical change in form factor is expected in the next generation of smartphones – iPhone 8. According to Chinese sources, the main design innovation of innovations in 2017 will be a curved case 3D glasses.

According to the source, the iPhone 8 will be made entirely of glass, and its side edges will be rounded. Similar design technique is used in the smartphone Galaxy edge, only in the case of South Korean flagship we are talking about folded on the right and left ends of the display.

IPhone 8, as noted, is cut exactly the case. This design is used, in particular, top-end smartphone Xiaomi Mi5, he is made not of glass and of ceramics nanocarbonic.

Given the likely transition iPhone AMOLED panel, to write off the 3D screen at the “Apple” smartphones can’t. Last month, stated IHS analyst Kevin Wong. According to him, the iPhone 7 may be rounded and the side edges of the screen. The edges on the bevels will not be a separate side of the matrix, the screen here will be a single entity, although raised edges can carry additional load, performing the role of a single side of mini-displays, said Wong.

In March it became known that Apple has ordered a trial batch of a 5.8-inch panels with a matrix of OLED. Then it was reported that the company’s engineers chose this screen to create a brand new iPhone. Flexible display of this device will go on the side.

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Hints 3D glass enclosure of the future iPhone can be found in the current models. Rounded off the edges of safety glass used in the iPhone 6, 6s, iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus. According to some reports, Apple used in smartphones 2,5-glass not only for aesthetics, but also for testing such solutions with the aim to implement it in future models.

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