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Apple has offered to fix iPhone 6 Plus with a “disease of the touchscreen” for $150

Two months ago it became known that repair firms are increasingly coming iPhone 2014 model year with the same problem: the screen appears gray shimmering band, and the sensor screen stop responding to touch or starts to react worse. The problem the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, associated with broken touchscreens, dubbed “disease of the touch screen” – Touch Disease. Later users of problematic devices, filed a lawsuit against Apple.

On Friday Apple announced the launch of Multi-Touch Repair, stating that the touch screen of the iPhone 6 Plus may stop working after numerous drops on a hard surface. In Cupertino have offered to fix the broken device for $149, but only if the smartphone has no visible damage and cracks.

“Apple has determined that some iPhone 6 Plus can be a problem with the flickering display or the multi-touch as a result of numerous drops on a hard surface and other efforts.

If your iPhone 6 Plus demonstrates similar symptoms, Apple will repair your device for $149 in that case, if it is in working condition and he has not damaged the screen,” – said in a statement.

Until that time, Apple pretended that nothing was happening. Victims of the “disease” in the company stated that do anything — the warranty on their smartphones has ended. Now as Apple notes that users who have already repaired their gadgets, paying more can receive part of the compensation.

It is worth noting that a costly screen replacement “disease touch” screen is not treated — the problem was not expected in him, a chip on the motherboard of the smartphone, controller, sensor taps. The fact that the solder between the chip and the motherboard has the ability to gradually crack and contact is broken. Users believe that the reason is the excessive flexibility of the body, where the iPhone 6s decided to use a more durable alloy.

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“Cured” the problem by replacing the Board Assembly or soldering of the chip, but for this job only professionals.

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