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Apple opened the App Store new section dedicated to indie games

Apple opened a new section “Indie games” in the App store. The list of names it will be updated on a daily basis among the submitted applications will be as fresh designs and previously released releases.

Developer Peter Molyneux of 22Cans, said that were happy to see the emergence of a new section in the App Store.

“This is just fantastic news for gamers and game creators. Users are waiting for unique content, and indie developers have proven that they can go against the flow and to produce eye-catching, bold products,” he said.

Before running the permanent section, March 9 in the App Store was running a promotional campaign dedicated to indie games. Apple gave discounts on selected projects, and some are allocated a priority place in the digital store.

Nevertheless, the head of Armor Games Daniel McNeill fears that small studios will continue to encounter plenty of obstacles on mobile platforms.

“You can make a great game that is sure to get attracted to because you will not be able to compete with the marketing of large companies or it will get lost in the constant stream of applications. Sometimes it seems that it all depends on whether the right people from the press or media to notice your game in a sea of content,” he said

Promotion in the App Store dedicated to independent projects will conclude March 20. After will be only the category of “Indie games”.

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