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Apple may sell a record of 88.8 million iPhones this quarter

A recent report from IHS, Markit reported that in the current quarter, Apple could sell of 88.8 million iPhones. Thus, the company will beat its record for the number of sold smartphones per quarter.

According to research firm IHS, Markit, iPhone X sold phenomenally well. This gadget can make 2018 the most profitable for Apple. It is also reported that iPhone X is especially popular in those countries where the greatest demand for Plus models. Given that the price of the new iPhone is not particularly higher than the price of the iPhone Plus and the small difference in the diagonal of the display, this fact seems somehow unusual.

But the success of the iPhone X — for anybody not a secret, much more interesting other information. The report says that the iPhone 8 good sale in countries with high gross domestic product, such as Singapore, Denmark, Switzerland and Japan. He occupies two percent of all active iPhone. IHS, Markit notes that the original iPhone 7 was better than the iPhone 8. This is probably due to the fact that his success did not interfere with the other iPhone.

Gross domestic product or GDP is the indicator that reflects the market value of all ready-to-use of goods and services produced per year in all sectors of the economy in the state.

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