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Apple is negotiating with partners to create their own TV service

The head of a popular American TV channels ESPN’s John skipper confirmed the interest of Apple in launching their own TV service. The statement of the top Manager has sounded in interview to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

At the end of last year, sources reported that Apple allegedly refused plans on creation of online TV service, as it failed to negotiate with suppliers of media content. Despite the size of the company in this segment does not play a special role, so that Cupertino failed to negotiate with suppliers of media content on the price issue.

In an interview John skipper revealed some details about Apple’s attempts to enter a new market. According to him, the iPhone maker was really disappointed in the effort to create a service that would be of interest both for companies and for providers of media content. So, most likely, the problem was not only in price. However, Apple continues to negotiate with potential partners, in particular representatives of the Corporation associated with ESPN.

Skipper believes the likely launch of Apple television in 2016. Until then the Apple TV will remain a mere technical device, offering access to the usual for US residents.

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