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Apple iOS 10 found a simple way to extend the battery life of the iPhone

The most tenacious phone or left in the 20th century, or are waiting for us in the distant future. In this gadgets will drain the battery faster than the average man possessed the skill of correct reading and pronunciation of words written in the picture.

Apple devices, despite the optimization of iOS, has never been a record battery life. This is primarily due to the desire of Apple to release a more elegant device, recklessly sacrificing the capacity of the power source. In the new operating system iOS 10 Apple tried to find a way out of the situation, many owners of gadgets ways to extend their battery life.

iOS 10 automatically checks exposed iPhone settings and gives recommendations. A function is called a “Proposal economy mode” and is located under Settings –> Battery. For example, if the user has set the screen brightness too high, the system will offer to reduce it. If the user has disabled the device to automatically lock, iOS 10 carefully remind you to change this setting in order to prolong the life of the gadget away from an outlet.

Tips iOS 10 work automatically. If the gadget is configured for optimal performance, the recommendations in the settings does not appear.

Note that iOS 10 is characterized by a record battery life. Recent testing of the next beta-version has shown significant progress not only in comparison with the previous test builds, but even with a stable release of iOS 9. Due to internal optimizations “ten” will give iPhone owners up to 2 hours in offline mode.

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