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Apple: iOS 10.2.1 significantly reduced the number of spontaneous shutdowns iPhone

At the end of last year, Apple launched a free repair of the iPhone 6s, which have a problem with spontaneous shutdown. According to the company, the problem affects a limited number of devices issued during the period from September to October 2015. In Cupertino offered free of charge to replace the battery, which is guilty turn off the iPhone.

Apple acknowledged that the problems are caused by a defective battery. Later, as we wrote the update of iOS 10.2 worse for many users. Previously identified only in the iPhone 6s models a fault in the form of a turn off when a relatively high battery level (30% or even 60%) have now spread to other models. In particular, began to shut down iPhone 6 is still unknown.

However, as stated on Friday, Apple updated iOS 10.2.1 has drastically reduced the number of unexpected shutdowns of the iPhone 6s.

“In the iOS update 10.2.1 Apple has made a number of improvements to reduce the number of spontaneous shutdowns are complaining about a small number of iPhone owners. iOS 10.2.1 installed already more than 50% of active iOS devices and our diagnostic data we receive from users show that the number of unexpected shutdowns has fallen by 80% in the case of the iPhone 6s and 70% of the iPhone 6,” said Apple.

“We also added the ability to reboot your phone without having to connect it to a power source, if the user suddenly faced with a problem. It is important to note that this failure is not for users in any danger. While we understand that this may present an inconvenience and want to solve the problem as soon as possible,” added the company.

The owners of iPhone is a problem, it is possible to visit one of our stores or Apple authorized service centers to replace the battery.

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