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Apple has released their first documentary “808: The Movie” [video]

Apple has released their first documentary “808: The Movie” dedicated to the legendary drum machine Roland TR-808. Tape Alex Dunn available exclusively to subscribers of Apple Music service.

The Roland TR-808 is considered to be one of the first programmable drum machines. Originally intended for use as a means of creating Studio musicians and demo recordings. In the period from the mid to late 1980’s, when the price of the TR-808 has been reduced, its sound became popular, partly due to the fact that she could make a very deep sound of the bass drum. Based on the last one of the sub-genres of hip-hop.

A drum machine was created in 1980 and became the basis for the emergence and development of electronic music over several decades. In the documentary the Apple participated Rick Rubin, the Beastie Boys, Questlove, Afrika Bambaataa, Pharrell, New Order, Diplo, and others. In the role of storyteller was made by Zane Lowe.

The film “808: The Movie” is available only in Apple Music. The head of Atlantic Records Craig Kalman explained it this way: “it is perfectly natural that a film about a machine which revolutionised how should be music, will be released through the service, which has revolutionized how to spread music. The story of how the 808-I changed the face of modern music, is incredible, and the audience Apple Music is perfect for this film.”

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