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Apple has released the first interior pictures of the new “space office”

Apple has posted the first photos of the interior of the new headquarters in the form of a ring. The opening of Apple Campus 2, located in San Jose, California, is scheduled for early 2017.

Apple Campus 2 is a mini-town, which will focus objects for work and recreation developers, analysts, marketers and other employees of Apple. At the same time the complex is only 20% of the territory. The remaining area is reserved for green area.

The construction of new headquarters began in November 2013. In General, for an object allocated 260 thousand square kilometers, and the cost of construction is estimated at $5 billion.

Apple Campus 2 will be safe and environmentally friendly. In particular, energy will supply a range of solar farm with a capacity of several gigawatts. And the lighting throughout the day will provide a panoramic roof.

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