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Apple has registered a trademark for a yet to be announced wireless headphones

American company in Flight Entertainment, LLC filed an application for trademark registration AirPods in the United States. We can assume that it’s some company trying to cash in on the Apple, but no such luck. The in Flight Entertainment address matches the address of the company Carplay Enterprises, which last year registered the brand CarPlay.

The first activity from the in Flight Entertainment was reported by MacRumors reporters write. To date, the company intends to register the brand AirPods in the United States. Application is filed in accordance with the 9th section of the international classification of trademarks, which fall under headphones, speakers, microphones and other sound equipment.

“Audio components and accessories, devices for recording and playback, digital video recorders and players, device remote control, speakers, headphone Jack (head and ear), microphones, recording devices and voice recognition, radios, emitters and receivers, portable digital electronic devices and software relating thereto; devices for wireless transmission of voice, data or images; electrical and electronic connectors, couplers, wires, cables, chargers, docking stations, interfaces and adapters for use with all of the above products”.

In the range of Apple presents a few wireless headphones, but they are registered under the brand Beats. There is reason to believe that the company is preparing a brand new wireless headphones, the more that the Apple Watch does not support other methods of sound reproduction.

Of course, no direct evidence of a link between Apple and the in Flight Entertainment doesn’t exist. Moreover, often takes the applications for registration of trademarks. However, in the past Apple has used similar tactics with iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch, secretly registering the relevant trademarks on behalf of other legal entities.

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