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Apple has offered in iOS 10 to require a password to turn off the iPhone and iPad to protect devices from theft

Brand Apple service Find my iPhone allows you to locate stolen iPhones, iPads and even abducted along with gadgets things. Thanks to this service, users can easily determine the location of their devices, but only if the burglar is not familiar with the intricacies of iOS. Encroach on iPhone the attacker can just turn off the device, to eliminate the possibility of detection. Blogger Ben Luigi proposed a solution to this problem for the iOS operating system 10.

In the framework of new features for iOS iPhone and iPad owners can get the option for turning off the device in the usual way. Blocking this function with a password, or a fingerprint scanner, the user can protect the device from theft, providing continuous broadcast information on his whereabouts.

The user is prompted to establish a code, or activate Touch ID in the settings of the operating system. From that moment to completely shut down a smartphone will be possible only after authorization.

Alternatively, if the robber will enter a wrong password three times, the iPhone can simulate the shutdown, while remaining connected. As a result, losing a smartphone, the owner can always go to the service Find My iPhone and find its location. You can activate the camera and take a picture of the robber. Another obstacle before those who will decide to steal your iPhone or iPad.

This method has only one drawback, says Luigi. If you drop an iPhone in water, you need to instantly turn off the device to avoid the possibility of a short circuit. But the user will have to enter a password or use Touch ID, which will increase the risk of damage. However, given the water resistance of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, short-term immersion in water is not such a big problem.

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Luigi offers Apple implement a lock off in iPhone update iOS 10. Now to implement this feature, only users of jailbroken devices.

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