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Apple has denied any involvement in the iPhone to the crash EgyptAir

There is no evidence of the influence of the iPhone on the crash of EgyptAir in may 2016 over the Mediterranean sea. This was stated by representatives of Apple.

Last week, the French newspaper Parisien, citing investigators wrote that the EgyptAir plane crash could happen because of the overheated and ignited gadgets in the cockpit. As noted, “RIA Novosti”, the investigators found a link between the alarms and the fact that the assistant pilot was put on the dashboard of the plane their iPhone 6s and iPad mini.

In examining the video captured by surveillance cameras at the airport prior to departure of the EgyptAir airliner, it was found that the co-pilot left the iPhone in the right corner of the instrument panel in the cockpit. Investigators do not exclude that devices that run on lithium batteries that could overheat.

The system then gave the first signals about problems. The publication emphasized that in this regard, experts have suggested the existence of a connection between the iPhone and iPad on the dashboard and damage in the cockpit.

Later a source in the Ministry aviation of Egypt said resource “Bawabat news” that this version is an attempt of the French party to evade responsibility for the tragedy.

Apple has stated that the investigators had not contacted the company, and evidence linking the iPhone to the tragedy there.

“Apple has not been accessed from the services is investigating this tragic incident. This suggests that they have no reason to believe that our products are in any way relevant to the incident. We have not seen the report, and there is no evidence that Apple products are in any way involved in the situation,” the company said.

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“If the investigators have questions to us, we will of course provide the necessary assistance as possible. We carefully test our products to ensure that they meet international safety standards or exceed them,” added Apple.

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