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Apple has begun automatically download macOS Sierra on users ‘ computers

Apple has implemented a feature to automatically download Sierra macOS on the Mac, reports The Loop. This means that if you have enabled automatic updates, the new operating system will be downloaded to your computer in the background.

“It is important to note that we are not talking about unattended installat ion – this process provides only background the download. After that, the system will notify you that an update is available for installation. You can choose time to install at their discretion. You can also ignore the update” – indicates the edition.

The update will load only on systems that support the new operating system. It will not boot on a Mac that do not have enough disk space. In addition, if the drive will end with a space automatically uploaded data will be deleted.

In addition, the user can at any time delete the data manually or disable the automatic download in the App Store.

According to observers, this move by Apple is a kind of copying is enough aggressive policy of Microsoft for installing Windows 10 aims to make the renewal process more convenient. This should also increase the number of people using computers have the latest OS version.

Mac users are enabled to automatically download and sufficient free memory will be updated in the next week.

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