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iOS app for remote control Apple TV was the reason for the new patent trial

Apple is once again faced with charges of violation of foreign patents. This time the reason for the dispute was the iOS app for remote control of Apple TV.

Texas-based Uniloc, the main activity of which is the lawsuit against Apple, have accused a California Corporation in violation of its patent issued in 2001 and describing the technology to manage network devices with a computer, the size of your palm.

According to the plaintiff, an app for iOS that allows you to use iPhone as a remote control and to access root functions of the Apple TV, such as playing a media file navigation user interface and enable/disable the prefix, violates this patent.

The lawsuit was filed in a favorite company, the district court of East Texas. In a statement, Uniloc requires Apple to pay damages in the form of lost profits and to assume the payment of all court costs. The amount of compensation claimed in the application is not specified.

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