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Tim cook called augmented reality is the next revolutionary technology after smartphones

The unexpected success of the game Pokemon Go made many think about the use of augmented reality (AR) for their own purposes or more intensive development of this direction. Apple’s CEO Tim cook once said about the great prospects of this technology.

In an interview with The Independent, the CEO said that augmented reality’s most important to the market is comparable with smartphones. Cook believes that this technology has a great potential in the long term.

“I think augmented reality is the same important technology like smartphones. Smartphones have everyone, we don’t need to think, for some audiences iPhone – demographics, country or market – it is for everyone. I believe that AR is a big thing, big. I am in great anticipation as this technology can change a lot to improve the lives of people. Including to entertain. I view AR as the silicon in your iPhone, this is not a product in itself, is the core technology. But there are still some questions that need to be addressed before this technology can become mainstream. I’m sure it will help to improve the lives of many people, so it is configured”.

Cook’s words confirm the speculation that Apple is secretly engaged in augmented reality. In 2013, she acquired PrimeSence, a developer of sensors for the motion capture that was used in the original gaming accessory, the Microsoft Kinect. In may 2015, the cupertinos acquired by German AR firm Metaio. In a few months, Apple has bought and Faceshift, a manufacturer of suits for the motion capture in real time that were used for the filming of “Star wars.”

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Last year Apple lured to a researcher in the field of VR Yuri Petrov from the Department Oculus Facebook, and took the see Whether from Magic Leap in the position “senior engineer computer vision algorithms”. Apple also hired Doug Bowman, Director of the Center for the interaction of computer and human at the Polytechnic University of Virginia. Bowman was a member of the team working on VR research laboratory Virginia Tech Cube.

According to rumors, Apple intends to show off their new AR product this year. We are talking about augmented reality glasses, the premiere could take place in the framework of the presentation of the new iPhone 8. Sources report exactly about glasses augmented reality, not virtual. It is alleged that Apple is developing a new product jointly with the German company Zeiss, which has been working in this field.

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