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Apple deliberately refrained from 3D Touch gesture for multitasking in iOS 11

Apple deliberately refrained from 3D Touch gesture to access the multitasking bar in iOS 11. Wrote about this in his Twitter account the developer Brian iris.

IOS 10, the company introduced a new way of switching between apps on the iPhone. Owners of smartphones that support 3D Touch to return to the previous program can use a special gesture. You need to click on the left side of the screen and then swiping to the right. It’s much faster and more convenient than double-clicking the Home button. In the beta version of iOS 11 this gesture no longer works.

“Apple engineers have confirmed that multitasking via 3D Touch deliberately removed from iOS 11. I’m furious,” wrote iris.

It is clear that this is not the main feature 3D Touch, however it is a very convenient gesture, which was used by many owners of iOS-devices.

For some reason Apple refused the usual features in iOS 11, is unknown. It’s likely a conflict with other gestures on the iPhone edge-to-edge 8, although it is hard to imagine what could be the problem.

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