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Apple can intercept data of millions of users via iCloud

The company Apple has the opportunity to intercept data of millions of its users through the cloud service iCloud, reports Securitylab. And this despite the strict security measures and the use of end-to-end encryption.

The problem affects all users, set up data backup in iCloud. In this function, the user information is automatically stored and encrypted on Apple servers. The process uses beyond the control of the user key is kept by Apple. The company says right on the description page of the iCloud service. Thus the company can gain access to personal and confidential data of users.

iCloud is the default on all Apple devices. The function can be disabled, but the user will have to perform a data backup using iTunes and store copies on your computer.

According to experts, such an error on the Apple side may jeopardize the confidentiality of the user information. For example, law enforcement or intelligence agencies may be required to provide access to the data on the basis of U.S. law.

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