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The Chinese have released a clone of the Apple Watch 2 with a round screen [video]

At that time, as Apple hone to detail all items branded “smart” hours, the budding startup from China Aiwatch announced the creation of a clone of the Apple Watch 2. The company claims that relied on leaks about the specifications of the new smart watches.

The main difference between clone Apple Watch is the display of a circular shape, but the metal housing, a wheel for scrolling and touch screen – all were, like “Apple” product. In addition, the watch interface is made in the style of the platform watchOS.

What you can offer to watch Aiwatch C5? Unfortunately, information about the functionality of the gadget not so much, and on the manufacturer’s website mentions a heart rate monitor. Probably smart watch will carry out a standard for such devices function: notifications about messages and calls, navigation, functions as a fitness tracker.

As to the round display Chinese replica, we have serious doubts that Apple Watch 2 will have such. Creating your first wearable computer, Apple almost immediately abandoned the screen round shape. When most of the information presented in the form of lists, in such a display makes no sense, said in an interview the company’s chief designer Jonathan Ive.

To order a clone of the Apple Watch 2 is available on the manufacturer’s website. Aiwatch C5 sells for about $ 90.

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