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Apple bought the Creator of the ultra-precise GPS navigation Coherent Navigation

Apple bought the navigation company Coherent Navigation, reports MacRumors. This acquisition will allow Tim cook to eliminate the flaws in Apple Maps. Critique cards during the launch phase has reached such a level that the CEO had to write an open letter of apology to users for any errors in the service.

Launched in 2008, the company Coherent Navigation develops hardware and software navigation support for ensuring the work of “ultra-precise, safe and reliable communications solutions for users worldwide.”

“With our partners we have created a unique market for technology GPS + Iridium, which uses precise navigation and computation technology to create highly integrated IP services,” reads the company’s website. “We made a revolution in the field of security GPS receivers for civilian purposes, closing vulnerabilities that threatened financial companies and critical infrastructures”.

This agreement can only be one reason: Apple will try to use the achievements of the company to improve its mapping service. Previously, the Cupertino company acquired three other players – HopStop, Locationary and Embark. Before Apple acquired such assets, as Placebase, C3 Technologies and Poly9. As a rule, in Cupertino will not comment on the deal or are limited to the phrase: “sometimes We buy smaller technology companies and usually do not speak, for what purpose do it.” Because of this unknown and details of transactions.

In 2012, Apple abandoned Google Maps for iPhone and iPad, and has replaced them with its own development, which received mixed reviews. The way of public transport in the application were not marked. Among the advantages of branded Apple maps 3D Flyover panorama. However, this feature is not yet implemented one hundred percent.

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