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Golden hour: the iPhone app will determine the best time of day for shooting

Magic moments soft and warm light, which is called in photography “Golden hour” is the time just before sunset and a little after sunset, when the sun is near the horizon. Many photographers tend to take pictures at this time, to take advantage of natural lighting. Some even say that you are shooting exclusively in the “Golden hour”. Mobile app Rizon will not only tell you the best time of day for shooting, but also pre-remind you of his approach.

Just run the program and you will see when the Golden hour starts and ends in one particular place. Can read the time of the Golden hour where are now, or in another place where the planned shooting.

“The idea that drove me to create Rizon – to eliminate the usual difficulties experienced photographers who wish to determine the best time for shooting on the street – quoted Prophotos app developer Sam king. – “Of course, there are other applications that give the same hint, but sometimes they are just overloaded with information. I wanted to create the simplest way to know when it’s Golden hour, twilight and the time of day, allows to avoid sharp shadows.”

If you are afraid to miss the time of the Golden hour, one-touch set in the reminder app. Rizon may recall the desired time every day, on weekdays or weekends, so you’ll never miss the best time for shooting. Also important is the caveat that the app does not need Internet – when shooting in campaigns, travel or just in nature it can be an advantage.

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If you are interested in the application Rizon, it can be purchased in the App Store for 119 rubles.

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