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Android’s share continues to grow iOS is strong in the United States, and Windows and BlackBerry can be considered history

Research company Kantar Worldpanel has published a report on the balance of power in the mobile market. The study is limited to only smartphones and covers the US, UK, France, Spain, Germany, China and Japan.

The numbers in the report are eloquent: mobile operating Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS finally surrendered and now the market is divided between Android and iOS. The share of these two operating systems differ depending on regions, but on almost all key markets Google came out on top.

According to experts, as of February 2017, the share of iPhone in the American smartphone market was 42%, which is 3.7% more than a year ago. It takes in the US continues to be Android smartphones. The share of 55.9% versus 58.9 per cent in February 2016. Windows controls 1.7 percent of the U.S. smartphone market. And BlackBerry and other operating systems owns 0.4% of the market.

In the UK Android lost 0.5% and now holds 55% of the market. While the share of iPhone for 12 months, on the contrary, increased from 37.8 per cent to 42.3%. BlackBerry OS in February of this year belonged to only 0.4% of the British smartphone market.

On the French mobile market the proportion of “guglofonov” at the end of February 2017 made up of 73.4% versus 71,8% a year earlier. iOS controls 24% of the market. While Windows, BlackBerry and other mobile operating systems accounted for a total of 2.6% of the market. Spain remains the undisputed leader of Android. Mobile operating system Google is more than 92% of the local market. In February 2017, iOS and Windows belonged to 7.4% and 0.4% respectively, lower than in the same period last year.

In Germany, Android’s share for the year fell 0.3% and iOS at the same time, added 4%. As for Windows, if a year ago the share of Windows-based smartphones accounted for 6.3% of sales, now it is only 3%.

The record growth of the Android operating system has demonstrated in China. There for the year its share increased from 76.4% to 86.4%. While Apple recorded a decline in the share of the iPhone in China from 22.2% in February 2016 to 13.2% in February 2017.

MWC 2017 was a clear indication of the inevitable transformation of the mobile OS market to the theater of two actors. BlackBerry has introduced a smartphone Keyone, finally putting an end to their own BlackBerry OS, and Nokia, which in the past has been a staunch ally of Windows Phone, too, came under the banner of the green robot.

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