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American TV presenter was given an iPhone 5 for iPhone SE and learned opinions about the “new”

Famous American TV host Jimmy Kimmel went out with the crew on one of the streets in Los Angeles, where they invited passers-by to Express their opinion about the new iPhone SE. However, instead of the novelty it passed into the hands of two of the same of the iPhone 5, released in 2012. It turned out that many Americans saw the difference between devices.

Passers-by called “iPhone SE” lighter in comparison with its predecessor, many noted that the display became clearer, “better see the Wallpaper and icons”. “It is much lighter, thinner, easy to hold in hand,” said one interviewee. Holding two iPhone 5, she noted that “the new iPhone SE” better battery life.

“It seems that the iPhone SE was slightly faster. The difference in milliseconds, but it definitely has become faster,” suggested a man in glasses and a NASA t-shirt. He also noted that the new model is slightly thinner.

Users noted a more bright screen, low weight, performance and other benefits news. To the question which of the two devices you wouldn ds,hfkb, the girl replied: “I would definitely get a new one. He seems faster and brighter”.

One of the passers-by encouraged to buy SE iPhone: “the iPhone is gorgeous, I recommend it to everyone”.

As noted by The Verge, it is likely that all respondents are actually actors, but to say it’s probably impossible.

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