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Amazon has withdrawn from sale all Apple TV

In September, Amazon updated its set-top box Fire TV and TV-stick Fire TV Stick, but the same thing with my Apple TV did its competitor — Apple. Sensing the increasing in this segment, the tensions, the U.S. online store has decided to resort to drastic measures — to curtail on your platforms implementation of Apple TV.

Since the beginning of the month new offer to sell multimedia Apple devices on Amazon already placed, and those that were published previously, were available until October 29. At the same time, other similar devices such as consoles, Roku, Amazon left.

The step to ban sales of the popular in the online shop of the competitor’s product can raise the part of customers, but will give Amazon the chance to turn into a provider of everything from a simple retailer. The official reason for the seizure of an assortment of players Apple TV was the lack of support for Amazon Prime, which, according to the company, introduce clients to confusion.

As noted by Bloomberg, at the time of the current competitors were working in completely different spheres — Apple did with computers and phones, and Amazon is selling products online.

The ban coincided with the most active shopping period in the U.S. – pre-Christmas sales. This initiative Apple will not feel much, as has an extensive network of branded stores. While Amazon itself will suffer from their own actions, as revenues from sales of products, the world’s most popular brand will now be borne by any of its competitors, such as Best Buy.

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Apple declined to comment on the situation with the ban on the sale of its set-top box.

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