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Almost all users MacBook and iMac happy with the purchase

Almost all Mac users are happy with Apple computers and are not going to change it on the products of other manufacturers. Such data results in analytical firm Verto Analytics.

In the study, the company surveyed 6000 adult US residents. 98% of users of MacBook and iMac said he was pleased with my choice and do not intend to buy instead of laptops or desktops on Windows and Linux. That is, only 2% of owners of Apple computers can take over the PC. At least in the next two years.

Every fourth user of the desktop on Windows (25%) intend to switch to a Mac in the next 6-24 months. The proportion thereof among the owners of Windows-based laptops accounted for 21%.

Choose Mac device as new computers are ready 20% of respondents with an income of $150,000 a year. Interestingly, among those who earn $15 000, the proportion of wanting to change Windows to macOS is also large — about 14%.

Mac cost a lot more than the average computer running Windows. So, in Russia the price of the last generation iMac in our country starts from 79 990 rubles. And the cost of the iMac Pro, which will be released in the end of the year can exceed 1 million rubles.

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