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A prototype of the iPhone 7 without Home button showed on the video

There is no doubt that Apple is working on iPhone 7. What will be its new flagship smartphone the company will tell you in September of next year at a special event. But now we have the opportunity to look at the iPhone 7 prototype, images of which leaked to the Network.

In the Chinese segment of the Internet has circulated a video which allegedly was recorded by Foxconn – a major contract assembler for Apple. It allegedly shows us the prototype of the iPhone 7.

According to the images, as before the new product will be dressed in a metal case, and the main camera of the smartphone will move to the center and will be located over the Apple logo. Frame around the iPhone 7 have minimum thickness.

It is noteworthy that the phone is missing the Home button, which is considered the hallmark of the iPhone. Apparently, the fingerprint scanner Touch ID, built directly into the display.

At the beginning of the year the Internet began a discussion on Apple’s rejection of branded buttons. Quite active these conversations were had in the middle of the year, but in the end the iPhone 6s came with a well recognizable button under the display. Today we know that the company has patents on the technology radically change the way you interact with your iPhone using biometric module.

If there are pictures of the iPhone 7 genuine, we are talking about the prototype device. This in particular indicates the fact that the logo on the back of the smartphone without the insert looks unnatural, also confused by the large plug from the bottom in the place of Lightning. In addition, the gadget has no flash.

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Be that as it may, there is a chance that the iPhone 7 will actually look like.

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