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The Russian photographer will be on Apple billboards worldwide

Renowned photographer and volunteer Dmitry Markov, living in Pskov, took part in the project “One night on the iPhone 7 within the advertising campaigns Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 7”. Wrote about this on his page in Instagram.

“Five years ago this began with the instagram frame that I made on my first iPhone. I was happy with a good picture, but could hardly imagine that after a few years, will represent Russia in the global campaign to Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 7″!”, – wrote to Dmitry Markov.

The frame is Markov, which will be used in the advertising campaign “Shot on iPhone 7” was made on a railway crossing in Pskov, connecting the town centre and gloomy area which is a Swamp, said the photographer.

“It’s nice that Apple picked me. It would be nice if my picture in an advertising campaign someone to inspire to engage social issues. With the resources that now gives the phone, you can remove something more than a selfie or your Breakfast. Although it is impossible, of course, someone force them to take pictures of muggers, and not food — everyone has to do their work”, – he added.

Apple has recruited a group of photographers for photography to showcase capabilities in low-light conditions cameras the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Photographers traveled around the world from clubs of Johannesburg in South Africa to the rooftops of Shanghai in China.

“A picture I did in the project will be presented all over the world: from the Central station in Geneva to the bus stops in Mexico city. I am grateful to Apple for inviting me to this project and I promise to continue to delight its users a good staff,” said the photographer.

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Made in the framework of the project photos will be posted on billboards in several cities around the world. In Moscow will be placed 6 billboards with a photo of Dmitry Markov.

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