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A new feature of iOS 11, which Android users can only dream of

This week released the third beta version of iOS 11. As you know, one of the innovations of the new software platform, Apple has become the ability to record video from the screen. And in the new test build, the company expanded the capabilities of the technology, adding the option of streaming images from devices.

In iOS 11 beta 3 there is an additional option, which corresponds to the button “Start broadcasting”. While clicking on this button starts normal recording video from the screen. But her appearance means that Apple is working on built in support for streaming. Apparently, the company intends to turn the iOS 11 software platform for streaming mobile games.

Apple iOS, 10 have focused on the part of the game. Under the new operating system, the company launched the service ReplayKit Live, which allows users to stream games streamed from the iPhone and iPad.

The function allows you to capture screen images iOS device, and with main or front camera. At the training sessions, Apple demonstrated how easy the developers can implement support for ReplayKit Live stream games.

Still unknown, will feature broadcast of iOS 11 is synchronized with Twitch, YouTube or Ustream Gaming. It is likely that the company plans to launch its own streaming service, although it will be difficult to compete with Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

Software support online streaming in iOS 11 will certainly appeal to help. But the service will be useful not only for gaming but also for learning. For example, teachers can broadcast multimedia content on the iPhone and iPad of the students during the lesson.

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