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A former top Manager Apple sells a “smart house” for $35 million [photos]

The former head of Apple’s family of Barny Michael began to design and build your dream home in 2005. But by that time, as construction and finishing have been completed, and it happened a few weeks ago, he no longer needed this huge mansion with an area of 930 sq. m. After the children have grown up, and this house is too big for the “shrunken” family. There is a mansion in Santa Barbara, California, and is worth $35 million As noted in the Bigpicture is not just a beautiful building, and “smart house” with all new-fangled technological features and gadgets.

1. On a quiet street in Santa Barbara at the address 4305 marine Drive is this miracle with views of the Pacific ocean. You’ll be amazed by stunning landscaping and a huge pool in front of the house.

2. Inside is light and comfortable, and spectacular ocean views.

3. The whole house is filled with gadgets and other technical stuff. Lamps, speakers, TVs, air conditioners, curtains, gas fireplaces and even locks on the doors can be controlled via tablet or smartphone.

4. Automatic properties the house is even more impressive. When the car owner drove up to the mansion, lanterns, garage door open, and not far from the entrance of the fountain goes off.

5. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances.

6. All very neat, and thanks to the absence of bulky cabinets kitchen seems particularly spacious.

7. In the dining room will easily fit all your guests, there is also related with living room wall aquarium. Change the water in the tank automatically as well.

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8. Two staircases lead to the second floor.

9. The master bedroom is very spacious and there is a further staircase leading to the observation deck on the third floor.

10. From the balcony in the master bedroom offer stunning views of the ocean.

11. Large walk-in closet exceeds all expectations — there is enough space to store even the most luxurious clothing collection.

12. Other bedrooms are similar to home, except for the presence of the balcony.

13. Each room has a cozy corner by the window and plenty of natural light.

14. Even the bathrooms have a fantastic view.

15. The aquarium is in the office, which can be accessed through a 200-pound door that opens with one touch of the hand.

16. The balcony on the second floor opens to the living room, the ceiling of which hang made to order chandeliers.

17. No multimillion dollar mansion is not without a gym…

18. …and sauna.

19. Outside too modern design: crystal clear pool and minimalist recreation area is just one detail of this picture perfect.

20. The yard is huge.

21. Somewhere on the edge of the yard you will find a cozy area with a bonfire.

22. View of the aquarium in the living room can be compared in its beauty except that which is this.

23. But no single technology “smart home” will not overshadow the beauty and Majesty of California’s nature.

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