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Scientists at the University Carnegie Mellon has helped US intelligence agencies to crack iPhone

As soon as encryption technology and anonymity are gaining popularity, law enforcement and intelligence agencies are increasingly using the tools in the Arsenal of hackers.

According to Securitylab, the scientists of the software engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon (SEI) told the FBI about the iPhone vulnerability, which the Bureau used to hack the device during the investigation of the attack. About what exactly the incident in question, the source did not specify. It is not excluded that FBI experts proekspluatirovat vulnerability to hacking iPhone the terrorist who opened fire at a medical center in San Bernardino in December 2015.

In February last year, the FBI turned to Apple for help in unlocking an iPhone that belonged to Syed Rizvan Farouk. In Cupertino refused to assist in the investigation, and the Bureau had to look for other ways. According to some, in unlocking the device the police helped Israeli company Cellebrite. As reported recently, the FBI refuses to disclose his method of hacking, because it uses it so far.

SEI is a research center and funded by the U.S. Department of defense. As reported on the website of the Institute, he developed tools and technologies intended for use of the Ministry of defense and other government organizations. In 2014, the experts of the SEI managed to de-anonymize Tor users for catching criminals.

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