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A fascinating and useful presentation about threats for Mac (Video)

A recognized expert spoke about current threats to the Mac in an interesting and accessible form.

Viruses for Mac exist and develop. This statement became evident after the scandal with MacKeeper that erupted in 2014. The information security expert from Malwarebytes Thomas reed recently gave a long but fascinating presentation about the current threats to the Mac platform.

Information for the presentation of Reid learned from data received from instrument to search for threats Malwarebytes. The expert analyzed and freely discussed the most common threats to Mac, including viruses, spyware, keyloggers, miners, ransomware, and more. The researcher went through the whole palette of different ways of infection, from about installers Adobe Flash to letters allegedly official notification and useful program with which viruses are delivered.

Although the presentation is designed for system administrators and security experts, due to the simplicity of presentation and the frequent examples of it available for the normal user.

If after watching the video you have any question about how to protect yourself from threats, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that virus writers will always be looking for new ways to hit as many systems, so you always need to be alert and protect your important data with backups, strong passwords, etc.

The good news is that macOS is well protected by default and the user only need to follow a few simple rules to avoid most threats.

Basic safety rules that you should follow:

01. Refuse Adobe Flash.
02. Time to install updates for programs and for macOS.
03. Turn on the antivirus.
04. Install and run programs only if they are downloaded from the manufacturer’s website, and you decide to download them.
05. Install and promptly update anti-virus threat signatures (usually enabled by default).

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