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While Apple did not warn about the price increase on the iPhone and Mac, but the retailers are waiting for “black February”

Edition Hi-Tech Mail.Ru estimate that since the end of December 2014, prices for equipment in Russia increased by 15%. Next month it is expected a sharp increase in prices for all categories of devices, according to experts citing the results of a survey conducted among retailers.

Over the past period, stronger just went up major appliances, least of all smart phones is just 3%. Here the leaders in the price increase of steel Samsung and Lenovo. Apple, as you know, had to rewrite the price tags in December 2014. Retailers still do not change the value of the equipment in retail and trying to keep prices from rising.

“Apple hasn’t warned us about the price increase on the iPhone and other products,” – said in the Communication. This information have confirmed and in “M. Video”: “with regard to changes in the price of the iPhone lineup, while we did not receive any information about any price adjustments from our partners”.

According to project Manager Dmitry Ryabinin, the Russian market of equipment waiting for “black February”. “The fact that companies will have to wager the change of course, eventually all the equipment will rise by an average of 10-15%. To a lesser extent this will affect smartphones, but in less dynamic categories (cameras, appliances, etc.) jump of the prices for certain items may exceed 20% to a quarter of the price!” he says.

In the “Connected” note that the reaction of prices to the increase in currency is not instantaneous, but the cost of electronics will grow by 10-30% in the near future (weeks), as the dollar has risen by 20%. The company reminded that when the dollar from July 2014 to December 2015 has doubled, prices have risen not so much.

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In such conditions companies great scope for loss of market share and its extension. In the end, lose the greedy – those growers who will not be able to hold the prices against the competitors, experts say.

However, from the point of view of electronics sales Russia still remains a large attractive market, which means that hardly anyone will leave the country. “It is obvious that they will move into more affordable segments. Now we are seeing a catastrophic decline in demand for expensive vehicles in Russia, and this trend will only increase,” says Ryabinin.

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