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A California startup has created an iOS app for breast augmentation [video]

A California startup has developed an iOS app that uses augmented reality to virtual breast changes. The collects project funding on the site Kickstarter.

The girl must be fastened to the special chest box designed to Illusio was able to determine the exact position of the body in space, said Birdinflight. Then the plastic surgeon will be able to assess how the patient will look with various sizes and shapes of Breasts, and be able to recreate the girl results in the course of the operation.

As a result, when a client is like a form, the data will be sent to the surgeon who will have to do the surgery.

Now the company is raising $ 50,000 to launch on a crowdfunding platform, but according to the authors, the technology was already in use in 300 operations.

If the project proves successful, the developers will add in Illusio the ability to change the shape of the nose, stomach and other parts of the body.

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