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Ten great games for Mac, which can be during the holidays

The editors picked for readers of ten games that you can play on a long weekend. Everyone can choose something to one’s taste and purse.

1. Portal 2

Price on Steam — 399 rubles. Christmas discount can be purchased for only 39 rubles.

Puzzle first-person, sequel to Portal (2007).

The sequel develops the gameplay of the first part, based on the use of a special device to create portals that allow the main character to instantly travel from one place to another. One of the innovations there is a cooperative mode for two players pass. The story takes place some time after the events of the first part in the destroyed Lab research into the nature of portals. The main focus of the game — the confrontation of the same main character, experimental girl chelle, and maniacal supercomputer GLaDOS. The cooperative mode is present a separate story line.

2. Divinity: Original Sin

The price in the App Store — 2990 rubles.

This is a turn based, party based role playing game, prequel to Divine Divinity, with single player and multiplayer game modes, developed by Larian Studios with funds received from donations from Kickstarter.

The player controls two characters, created in the beginning of the game. The player is free to choose their own skills, characteristics, traits, appearance and gender of both characters. In the future, they can develop a love relationship. The battle will take place step by step based on classical mechanics: action points, flanking attacks, Backstab, free attacks and bonuses from the interaction of the characters. Also available in cooperative multiplayer mode and an interactive world — the game engine supports up to 4 players in multiplayer, but only 2 players will be able to pass the storyline.

In an interview with one of the developers revealed details about the relationship of the characters in Divinity: Original Sin:

“The relationship of the main characters is not necessarily romantic. However, if that is what you want, you can develop them in this direction. Relationships are determined on two axes: Affection and Affinity. The first one shows how the characters love each other, and the second — how often do they come to a consensus when discussing moral dilemmas. Thus, characters can hate each other, but work well. Your friend will never be suddenly drag you to bed so you know all the delights of homosexual love, if you do not make a conscious choice in that direction.”

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3. Firewatch

The price in the App Store — 1490 rubles.

Is an adventure video game in first person. In the center of the game is Henry, the observer of one of the fire towers, which is faced with the effects of the Yellowstone fire in 1988.

The main character is cut off from the world by hundreds of miles of forest land. Surrounded by books and a typewriter at hand, he plunges into the long loneliness. The only one who can disturb, boss, Delilah , who stayed in touch with him by radio. The player can choose one of several dialogue options to interact with her, or to refrain from response. The player’s choice will affect the tone of his relationship with Delilah. She sends the main character into the forest to scout, who runs a fireworks and violates fire safety. After that, the player returns to his tower and finds traces of breaking and entering.

Players worldwide have appreciated the storytelling, the atmosphere, great dialogues and overall interactivity of the events.

4. The Witness

The price in the App Store — 2990 rubles.

Puzzle game. As in Myst, which was the inspiration of The Witness, the player explores an open world, which is an island in the ocean.

The process requires the player to solve puzzles based on the interaction with the mazes presented on panels around the island, or hidden in the environment. The rules and the results of solving a separate mazes are part of the overall puzzle. The player has no history as such, but he can understand the philosophy of the world through visual images, recordings of excerpts from famous books as well as through a series of videos that can be found around the world. The developer decided to include in the game a minimum number of training mazes and tips. Only in the game represented about 650 of puzzles, but the passing game is not necessarily to solve all of them.

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5. Life is Strange

The price in the App Store — 899 rubles.

Game with adventure elements from the third person in the genre of interactive movie, divided into five episodes.

The world is represented by a linear locations with a lot of optional interaction of the characters and objects. The main character is a comment on almost every interaction. Dialogues like other games of this genre, have several answers. But the key feature is the ability of the player to turn back time for a short period of time, which allows you to either choose the right option, or open a new one. The game also contains elements of the quest: small puzzles tied to the use of paranormal abilities to reach a certain place or receive a certain subject.

6. Stardew Valley

Price on Steam — 299 rubles. Christmas discount can be purchased for 200.

Farming simulator with RPG elements.

In the beginning, the player creates a character, choosing a name, appearance and gender. The main character is an office worker who receives from a deceased grandfather’s inheritance: a plot of land and a house in the valley Startu. The player can choose from five possible options for the farm in accordance with their preferences. For example, with a river flowing near the farm, additional opportunities for fishing. The farm originally was overgrown with weeds and young trees, and everywhere boulders. And the player needs to clear the ground for planting and building. The cultivation of plants and animals on the farm generates income that can be spent on its further development.

7. Myst HD Remastered

The price in the App Store — 1390 rubles.

Game in the genre of graphic quest, created by brothers Robyn and Rand Miller. They began work on a game in 1991, and she was released on Macintosh on September 24, 1993.

In contrast to the classic quests, there is no inventory, and the gameplay presented in first person. Myst requires players a lot of attention and patience. Among the puzzles are really a lot of puzzles in the starting and configuring the various mechanisms scattered across the forest landscapes of deserts and rocks. But the clues to them should be sought in the numerous books and notes.

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The list of major fixes and additions for reprint:

  • 8-bit images are replaced with 24-bit (TrueColor);
  • added additional viewpoint;
  • changed sound effects and music;
  • added in-game map and clues.

8. GRID: Autosport

The price in the App Store — 2690 roubles.

Racing with a very large career mode, in which the player must create his own style of driving. Provided a wide range of possibilities of tuning the car. In addition to the career there is a multiplayer mode, split-screen, customizable single-player mode of the game. Really bright, beautiful and fascinating it becomes, if you put the highest difficulty level and disable all automatic tips.

9. Braid

The price in the App Store — 749 rubles.

Puzzle platformer with a mysterious history. The story tells about how the protagonist, Tim, attempts to rescue the Princess from the monster. Hints allow you to give the plot a different twist. Starting from a simple separation from the beloved and to development of a nuclear bomb. In search of the Princess, the main character travels on six fantastic worlds, and each of them corresponds to a room in Tim’s house. The scenery visible to the hardships through which passed Tim: a bad marriage, war, education, alcoholism.

The main feature of the Braid — the time can be rewind and forward.

10. Rocket League

Price on Steam — 419 rubles. Christmas discount can be purchased for 251 ruble 40 kopecks.

Dynamic racing game in the style of football. Players control a car with a rocket engine and try to get a huge ball into the goal. Cars can jump, allowing you to make a strike on the ball is in the air. A lot of fun.

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