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8 ways to extend the battery life of the iPhone

There are many ways to extend the battery life of the smartphone and survive the waiting period, until the Apple is preparing another update iOS.

Apple failed to release a popular iOS 11 the first time. Many users complained of reduced battery life, difficulties with the letter “i” and errors in the simplest mathematical calculations. IOS release 11.1 helped someone, but didn’t solve all problems. In particular, most owners of iPhone battery still ends before nightfall.

However, no matter how crude it was not the update, Apple recommends that you always install the latest version of the operating system. This is for the safety of the phone. The patches help to solve many problems and increase the privacy of data transmission.

Here are some ways to conserve battery power for the whole day

Power saving mode

A bit of an obvious option, but nevertheless, its worth mentioning. Power saving mode really increases the battery life. Those who do not often use “Hey Siri!”, don’t need a background software update, not waiting for urgent emails, and used to do without visual effects, you can set this mode and not to resort to additional stratagems.


100% brightness quickly consumes battery power. If the smartphone battery quickly sits down, it is important to check whether the auto brightness: Settings => General => accessibility => Adapt display. Most iPhone auto brightness is enabled by default.

You can also apply a special filter is forcibly lowered brightness: Settings => General => accessibility => Zoom => Weak light.

The smartphone screen will become much darker. But for those who use an iPhone in good light, it will not be so noticeable.

To Turn Off The “Hey, Siri!”

The feature “Hey Siri!” you can access the mobile assistant using voice commands. However, the smartphone has to spend resources of the battery to constantly listen to the owner’s waiting for the right team.

Turn off “Hey Siri!” will help to save battery. To call your voice assistant you need to hold the Home button.

To disable visual effects

Settings => General => accessibility => Reduce motion

This will reduce the parallax effect of icons and make 3D Wallpaper much more boring. But to work in iMessage and other core functions will not be affected.

To perform battery consumption

If you go to Settings =>Battery and scroll down the screen, you can see the statistics of what applications are most influenced by usage.

Background the activity of many applications consume large amounts of energy. Although you may not notice action programs.

In order to extend the battery life, you should go to Settings => General => content Update and allow updates only really need the apps.

To reduce the frequency of email updates

Checking e-mail in online mode also consumes the lion’s share of the charge. If the phone is set to the standard Mail app, go to Settings => Accounts and passwords => fetch new data and set the fetch to “Manually” or “Hourly” to increase the battery life.

To carry your smartphone with warm

With the onset of cold weather, the batteries of most smartphones became sharply down for use on the street. So the charge will last longer, it is better to carry the phone in a warm coat pocket and not allow the gadget to freeze. This will positively affect the entire device, not just battery.

To change the battery

Unfortunately, all batteries are subject to degradation. After the first 500 cycles of charging the battery iPhone charged at 80% of original capacity. Depending on the intensity of use it may come in a year and a half after purchase of the smartphone.

On the website Apple support, you can conduct remote testing of the battery. This will help to understand whether it is time to change the battery.

Changing the battery is much cheaper than buying a new smartphone.

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