iOS 13.2 drains battery faster than iOS 13.1.3?

The other day the release of iOS 13.2 update took place. It added new features and fixed bugs. Unfortunately, the speed of this version is poor.

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In terms of speed, iOS 13.2 is not ahead of iOS 13.1.3. Maybe the update works longer? Alas, the situation is the opposite. A more recent OS worsened autonomy.

The aforementioned confirms the YouTube channel iAppleBytes. He compared iOS 13.2 and iOS 13.1.3 on several iPhones. The test involved iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE.

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The results of iOS 13.2 are disappointing. Some models run out faster. iPhone XR and iPhone 8 lost about 5 minutes. The worst thing was the iPhone 7 – it lost 13 minutes.


Owners of the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE should not worry. iOS 13.2 did not have a noticeable effect on them. There is practically no difference with iOS 13.1.3.

Make sure of the above personally. Watch the video from iAppleBytes. Do not want to reduce the time without recharging? Then forget about iOS 13.2. However, the difference with iOS 13.1.3 is not critical.

The transition to iOS 13.2 will open access to the shooting mode Deep Fusion. The latter significantly improves the quality of the photo. The platform also offers 70 unusual emojis and fixes bugs.

iOS 13.2 drains battery faster than iOS 13.1.1?Image from

Already installed iOS 13.2? Share your impressions in the comments.

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