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In the headquarters of Apple was found dead [updated]

On April 27 at the headquarters of Apple in Cupertino was found the body of an unknown man. The company did not comment on the situation, so the identity of the deceased remains unknown. According to the Sheriff, beside the body was discovered firearms.

The corpse was discovered in one of the conference rooms Apple. Found his employees called the police, describing a possible suicide. Apple has not commented on the incident, the victim’s identity also remains unknown. Leading the investigation police did not report whether he is an employee of the company.

According to TechCrunch, initially in the campus called the rescue service man, wounded in the head, but later the call was cancelled by the police.

Yesterday, Apple reported a very bad quarter: revenue for the fiscal second quarter fell 13% to $50,6 billion, and net profit by 22%, to $10.5 billion Revenue in the same quarter of 2015 amounted to $58 billion and net quarterly profit of $13.6 billion Apple’s Revenue was lower than analysts ‘ forecasts, according to which the decline was in the range of $52 billion.

According to the report, a major drop touched iPhone sales — the company managed to sell 51,2 million phones, while over the same period last year Apple sold 61,2 million devices. In addition, in China the situation is for Apple continues to thicken: in addition to the General economic downturn, the authorities have decided to close access to the services of the company’s iBooks Store, and iTunes Movies.

At the moment the situation in the headquarters of Apple continue to closely monitor journalists, while the police establish the causes of the incident.

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Update 1: Police said that the victim, a male Hispanic who worked in the “Apple company”. Interviewed by journalists, Apple employees claim that they were not familiar with suicide officer.

Near the body discovered the weapon that killed the victim. According to some reports, the deceased had the right to bear arms, and that he owned the murder weapon. The police said that the incident was “an isolated” incident”, other people were not involved in the incident and the rest of the workers Apple is not in danger.

The incident was classified as a suicide. Employees of the Corporation working in the Central office, was given the opportunity to take some time off until the end of the day.

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