Experts revealed the secret camera iPhone 11 Pro

It's no longer a secret that the iPhone 11 Pro shoots great. The three rear lenses of the flagship are unrivaled. Apple has surpassed itself – no doubt. The aforesaid is confirmed by independent experts.

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iPhone 11 Pro was studied by the creators of the Halide application. This is a popular third-party camera on the App Store. Its developers have proven that they understand the topic.

What secrets did the Halide authors learn? The iPhone 11 Pro relies more on algorithms than on optics. Apple has seriously improved smartphone software.

Segmentation Photography

The noise level is reduced by retouching. The new iPhone is able to detect faces. What's great is that he distinguishes between teeth, hair, clothes, and skin. Each item is processed separately. Quality is guaranteed by machine learning.

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With landscapes, a similar story. The image is divided into parts, the defective areas are smoothed. Some details are lost, but the result is worth it.

Next Generation Smart HDR

Apple Enhanced Smart HDR Technology On the iPhone XS, it sometimes gave glare that spoiled the image. The iPhone 11 Pro has resolved the issue. There is almost no such effect.

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Updated Smart HDR connects 11 frames. Several are done when the camera is opened and saved in the buffer. The rest – at the moment the shutter is pressed.

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The exposure is different. In addition, objects are recognized and white balance is determined. The result is amazing detail.

RAW got cooler

Everything is so good on the iPhone 11 Pro. Does he need RAW? Yes, for fine-tuning the picture. The mentioned format was finalized with respect to the iPhone XS Max.

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Now you can consider everything to the smallest detail. Clarity used to be worse. With proper setup, RAW is preferable to Smart HDR.

Ultra wide lens

Alas, the ultra-wide lens is a flaw in the iPhone 11 Pro. There is no RAW support, and anti-aliasing is too strong.

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Night photos in the mentioned mode are not encouraging. ISO is excessively high, blurring is present.

Proximity to DSLR

Photos from the iPhone 11 Pro began to be confused with professional ones. There were comparisons with cameras for hundreds of thousands of rubles. The difference with the "apple" gadget is barely noticeable.

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What is the catch – not everyone will see. Images are suitable for maximum resolution screens and for printing. Expensive DSLR manufacturers need to think about it.

Should Halide be trusted? Take a look at the illustrations and decide for yourself.

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