Users change old iPhone for new once every three years

Users are increasingly less likely to change their old iPhones to new ones. This conclusion was reached by experts of the analytical firm Strategy Analytics, having conducted a survey among American iPhone owners.

Users change old iPhone for new once every three years

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In a study, Strategy Analytics interviewed about 2,500 iPhone owners in the United States and found that the life cycle of the iPhone has increased markedly. If earlier users changed their old iPhone to new models on average once every two years, now they do it no more than once every 33 months. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, users do not see objective reasons for buying a new iPhone due to the lack of serious innovation. Secondly, many are frightened by the high price of new models. Thirdly, the iPhone 6s, released in September 2015, has still not lost its relevance and copes with everyday tasks, and the program for preferential battery replacement, which was used by thousands of users around the world, “breathed life” into old devices, positively affecting autonomy and performance.

Analysts believe that only serious innovations can stimulate users to buy new models, for example, the appearance of 5G support on the iPhone. According to rumors, this will happen in 2020.

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