Users change old iPhone for new once every three years

Users are increasingly less likely to change their old iPhones to new ones. This conclusion was reached by experts of the analytical firm Strategy Analytics, having conducted a survey among American iPhone owners. interesting                            The included iPhone 11 hit the video                   Declassified launch date for new iPhone sales In a […]


                                    Users massively abandon the iPhone?

The iPhone is, of course, a cool smartphone. But not the only one. Users always have an alternative. Some are changing the "apple" flagships on Android devices. Image from A report appeared on the increase in the number of such fugitives. Data provided by the American BankMyCell. The company helps get rid of gadgets […]


Siri caught in the discharge of information about the sexual contacts of users & nbsp

It became known that Apple hires contractors to listen to users' conversations with the voice assistant Siri. A former employee of such a company told reporters that quite often contractors would find out confidential information about the owners of Apple devices, for example, doctors' reports, details of business transactions and even evidence of sexual contacts. […]


                                    Analysts: new iPhone 11 will disappoint users

Waiting for iPhone 11 announcement? Not the fact that you like the new line. Analysts authoritative Rosenblatt Securities are pessimistic. Image from According to experts, the iPhone 11 will disappoint Apple fans. There are no signs that the company will release interesting models. They – judging by the leaks – will be boring. interesting […]