Apple refuses to repair smokers' gadgets

Trouble came from where they did not wait. Love to smoke in front of your MacBook? Then do not be surprised that it is not repaired for free. Apple seems to have a new trick.

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For example, the story of Daniel Hendrix, a developer by profession. He recently decided to use a keyboard replacement program. Repair in this case costs nothing.

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He took 2 of his MacBook Pros to the nearest Apple Store. The laptops were accepted, but soon they refused back. It turned out that nicotine damage was found in the devices.

Specialists have discovered “substances” that interfere with maintenance. They didn’t just delete them, fearing for their health. Biohazard and all that. Hendricks could not convince SC even for the money.

Apple refuses to repair smokers' gadgetsImage from

More interesting. It was hard to pick up a MacBook Pro. The service forced Hendrix to sign the paper. According to the latter – he received the service in full.

The funny thing is – there were no problems before. Hendricks repaired the keyboard about six months ago. No one complained about nicotine.

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