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Apple patents an augmented reality system for iPhone

Bureau of patents and trademark United States has granted Apple patent number 9,488,488 on “Maps augmented reality” (Augmented reality maps).

In the document, Apple describes an augmented reality system for mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. The idea is to identify the objects captured in the field of view of the camera, and Supplement it with annotation elements.

Object recognition can be applied to various sensors built into the iPhone, including gyroscope, digital compass, accelerometer, and GPS module. To obtain the necessary information, the system will be able to rely on a local or network database.

The composition of the annotations is proposed to include the text and (or) graphic information, and links. The user will be able to correct, Supplement the data and share them through social networks.

In addition, the patent discusses the possibility of building computer models based on obtained through the camera image.

Earlier, the head of Apple Tim cook confessed that he believes augmented reality is more promising direction than the virtual. The last is important, says cook, but mainly in the field of education and entertainment, and sooner or later may lose potential. Augmented reality more opportunities for commercial use as it gives a more pronounced effect of presence.

“I think augmented reality is extremely interesting and a kind of basic technology. So, Yes, this is based on what we plan to do a lot of things,” said cook.

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