IOS 13 beta 6 released. What's new?

Apple continues to bring iOS 13 to mind. The company has released the sixth beta version of the system. The assembly is intended for developers (everyone else will have to wait a bit).

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iOS 13 beta 6 is numbered 17A5556d and weighs about 500 MB (depending on the device). Are there any interesting changes in the OS? Yes, although they are small.

A new switch has appeared in the Control Center. It allows you to quickly activate the dark mode. Literally with one touch.
In addition, Appe redid folders. Their background better matches the set wallpaper.
Pay attention to the LTE / 4G / 5Ge icon. It returned to its normal size (after increasing in iOS 13 beta 5).
The number of divisions in the volume slider has decreased. There are 16, not 34 as before.
Link previews can be disabled. Moreover, for each site separately.
The Photos app received a splash screen with a list of features. Apple has also amended the "Privacy Policy" of some software.

The above list is not limited. iOS 13 beta 6 also offers other options. But the ones we have listed are the most important.

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Have you noticed anything else? Write in the comments.

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