Does AirPods Pro sound like cheap headphones? Audiophile Opinion

There is such a person – Steve Guttenberg, a well-known blogger and audiophile. A lot of people listen to his opinion. He acquired the recently introduced AirPods Pro.


Did he like the headset? You can say no. According to Guttenberg, AirPods Pro has a bad sound. Comparable to cheap headphones.

From the news worth $ 249, he expected more. And I got the level of inexpensive models. What is the expert assessment based on? Guttenberg for several days compared AirPods Pro with competitors.

As a result, the specialist did not like the device from Apple. Although he noted the battery life, as well as ease of use. But for music lovers, these are secondary things.

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        That's what the iPhone 12 will look like.
        Apple will become a leader in the market of 5G-smartphones in 2020

Who outperformed AirPods Pro? Guttenberg arranged only Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless. The others failed to conquer the rumor of the critic.

Recall the characteristics of AirPods Pro. Firstly, they have active noise reduction. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in music. However, there is a "Transparent Mode". In it, the outside world is audible (if necessary).

Secondly, AirPods Pro comes with 3 pairs of earbuds. They are of different sizes – S, M and L. Everyone will be able to choose an option for their ears.

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The gadget is based on the H1 chip. It plays audio with minimal delay. Declared support for Apple Watch and iPhone. For example, calling Siri's voice assistant.

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Separately pleased with protection against splashes and sweat. AirPods Pro complies with IPX 4 standard. A real gift for those involved in sports. Rain is not a problem either.

How many AirPods Pro function on their own? About 4.5 hours. The rechargeable case extends the life to 24 hours. However, it is worth considering that conversations drain the battery faster.

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