Apple summed up last quarter

On Tuesday, July 30, Apple released a report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2019, which ended in the US on June 30. Over the reporting period, Apple revenue amounted to 53.8 billion dollars. This is the highest July quarter in Apple’s history.

Apple summed up last quarter

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Apple’s quarterly net profit for the three-month period was $ 10 billion, or $ 2.18 per share. For comparison, over the same period last year, Apple received revenue of $ 53.3 billion, of which 11.5 billion net profit ($ 2.34 per share). Gross profit in the third fiscal quarter is 37.6% compared to 38.3% a year ago. Apple shareholders will receive a dividend of 0.77 per share for the quarter.

Note that Apple for the third quarter in a row does not provide investors with sales data for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Instead, she only voices the revenue that each of the segments brought to her, and analysts have to estimate the sales volume of devices based on their own calculations.

Apple expects revenue of $ 61-64 billion and gross margin of 37.5-38.5% from the fourth fiscal quarter.

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