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5 reasons to buy a 12.9-inch iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro is the biggest and the most powerful tablet in Apple’s history. iPad remains a great device for games and digital entertainment, but now it has become a great tool for professionals.

the iPad Pro has received a large 12.9-inch display, powerful processor and A9X brand new accessory — the stylus is Apple Pencil, which opens a wide scope for creativity. Also the novelty has a unique connector Smart Connector to connect keyboards and other accessories without battery and Bluetooth battery. All this extends the capabilities of the iPad.

If you prefer ultra-portability of the iPad mini or the balance of the iPad Air, the iPad Pro is not your choice. But for total immersion in the world of Internet and apps the new iPad fits perfectly.

A 12.9-inch Retina display

The pixel density of the laminated display of the iPad Pro is 264 dpi. This value is similar to the iPad Air. In this case, the screen size is 9.7 inches and a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. the iPad Pro has received a 12.9 inch display with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels. In other words, the iPad Pro includes a half iPad Air, and even a little more.
If desired, you can use the full width of the screen, or to divide the workspace into two Windows, the size will be close to two whole iPad Air.

If you just want to get an iPad close to the MacBook, then the iPad Pro will be a great option.

Processor Apple A9X

The A8X chip in the iPad Air 2 easily copes with demanding tasks. New A9X in the iPad Pro even more powerful. Part of its resources are directed to the processing of further pixels, and the others allow applications to work simultaneously with three streams of 4K video, to work with complex 3D graphics, and the game will give a completely new emotions.

If you want to instantly perform any work tasks, you are ideal iPad Pro.

Stylus Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is a unique accessory. Unlike analog he has the highest response speed. The waiting time between the moment when the user started to draw and when the bar appeared on the screen, virtually no. iPad Pro knows when a person touches the display with your finger and once with a pencil. When working with Pencil Apple tablet picks up twice as many points than if a finger is touching, and the corresponding subsystem, it scans the signal with a frequency of 240 times per second.

In a sleek Pencil Apple is hidden a complex system of sensors to measure force applied with maximum precision. In particular, how much the tip of the Pencil exerts on the Apple display. The greater the force, the thicker the line. The variety of artistic effects is almost infinite.

Smart Connector + Smart Keyboard

Apple has released keyboard Smart keyboard for iPad Pro, but more important was the appearance connector Smart Connector. Of course, now available for iPad a lot of good keyboards, but with a new connector you will not have to rely on Bluetooth or monitor battery accessories. Simply plug the required Connector using the Smart gadget.

If you have to type a lot of text, and you care about mobility and productivity, feel free to choose iPad Pro.


A large display of the iPad Pro opens new possibilities for applications. Thanks to special classes of developers is not difficult to adapt the software for the iPad mini and iPad Air for the iPad Pro. Larger screen gives a lot of advantages and additional capabilities to display the interface elements, toolbars, and so on. Besides, it will be still the same good old iOS application with intuitive logic and functionality.

If you want to get new opportunities to work with the usual software, then the iPad Pro is for you.

Who iPad Pro?

If the iPad mini is compared with a notebook, or iPad Air with the notebook, then the iPad Pro similar to a album or a large workbook. This is the best model of iPad for anyone who is engaged in creativity, strives for productivity or just want to get an iPad with a larger screen and the speed of the laptops.

If you want a compact device, which exceeds the capabilities of portable PCs and has numerous functional advantages, the iPad Pro is your choice.

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