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4 the main innovations in watchOS 4

Today Apple introduced the operating system watch OS 4. With the new platform smart watch Apple Watch will be even smarter than before, says Apple.

Special pride Apple – Siri dial, which foresees important for the user information and shows it throughout the day. Among other things, watchOS 4, there is personal tips on activity and new music features. The update includes improved app “Training” and a new platform GymKit technology, synchronizing training with cardio equipment.

1. Intelligent functions

The intellectual capabilities of Siri on the Apple Watch now appeared on the new dial Siri. Every time you raise your wrist, the display dynamically displays information for the current time of day and your schedule, as well as the important data from apps such as the Activity, Alarm clock, Breathing, Calendar, Maps, Reminders, and Wallet, and headlines from the new Apple News for the Apple Watch.

WatchOS 4 Activity app gives personalized tips and hints that will help more often to close the ring activity. Every morning you will receive personal notification if you are close to a new achievement, or tips on how to repeat yesterday’s success. And if you want, towards evening, the application will tell how much more you need to go to close the ring activity before the end of the day. The app also puts each user’s individual goals for the month.

Updated application “Music” is even more personal: it automatically sinhroniziruete mix of your new music, favorites, and the music you listen to most often. Now on the wrist can work with even more songs: simply combine the Apple Watch in a couple of AirPods headphones and listen to music in training or on the road.

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2. Fitness

In the updated app “Training” added new setting to swim in the pool, as well as new algorithms to measure motion and heart rate for interval training high intensity (HIIT). For those who are undertaking dual training or doing triathlons, watchOS 4 have the opportunity to combine multiple workouts to calculate the total time and calories burned.

Set GymKit will help those who do interval training on the cardio machines: soon they will be able with one touch to create a pair between the Apple Watch and the treadmills, Steppers, exercise bikes and elliptical machines major manufacturers such as Life Fitness and Technogym. Data that were not transferred between smart watches and exercise equipment, calorie, distance, speed, number of passed floors, tilt and temp — for the first time will be automatically synchronized. This will allow you to obtain the most accurate measurements, almost no tuning device.

3. The dials and straps

In addition to the dial Siri in the system there are new dials “toy Story” with your favorite Pixar characters, including woody, Jessie and buzz Lightyear, and dial “Kaleidoscope”, which turns static images into fascinating patterns. Also, a new expansion “Marks” and “Apple News”.

Apple also introduced straps new summer colors — now buyers have even more ways to highlight your style. This season offers bright and sporty straps, bright yellow strap with classic buckle straps and sports a Nike, which are combined with the sneakers from the collection of Nike Flyknit Air VaporMax Day to Night. As a sign of commitment to the principles of equal opportunities Apple offers band Pride Edition of braided nylon rainbow colors.

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4. Money transfers from Apple Pay

With watch OS 4 Apple Watch users will be able to quickly and securely exchange money transfers with friends and family using Apple Pay or Siri. Upon receipt of the transfer money credited to the new account, Apple Pay Cash, and they can immediately send someone to pay for their purchases via Apple Pay in stores and within apps or transfer to another Bank account.

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