BTS may personally present Galaxy S20 in Russia in July & nbsp

The information is not confirmed, but there is hope. Today, insider information was received from Popcake’s editors from Samsung’s representatives in the Russian Federation that the popular Korean boy band BTS may personally present the new Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition collections this summer. “Such a question was really raised by a team of marketers and it still remains open, everything is possible,” sources from the Samsung representative said. According to experts, the arrival of BTS risks being an unprecedented historical promotion company in Russia and not only. Despite the impressive investment in the arrival of the group, this could be the impetus for Samsung smartphones, so that the premium line of smartphones finally gets ahead of its main competitor Apple in the Russian market. Why exactly Russia? This is the largest, after the Asian market, territory for the distribution of Samsung products, as well as Russia, the owner of the group’s largest fan club, after the Spanish-speaking countries. So the commercial visit of BTS to Russia is beneficial to both parties both on the demand side and on the supply side. Well, now the characteristics of the brand-new gadgets, from which even the most sophisticated ARMI will salivate from pleasure: Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition and their charging case are made in the same shade and are decorated with iconography made of purple hearts. Wireless headphones bring music lovers closer to their favorite music, not only thanks to its exclusive design, but also its superior audio quality. AKG's 2-way speakers and premium sound deliver crisp, natural, and balanced sound with clear top notes and pronounced bass, allowing BTS fans to immerse themselves in their favorite playlist. In the kit, users will also find a set of cards with group members and a branded headphone case with which you can download unique BTS content to a compatible smartphone.
writes news.samsung.com In addition, the smartphone will be delivered to Russia with a pre-installed platform for the fan community with the Weverse application. And also complete with devices are: stickers, jewelry for devices, unique pictures and much more. The Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition in Russia will go on sale on July 9 at a price of 84,000 and 16,900 rubles. And it is possible that BTS will fly to the presentation, unless of course everything spoils the quarantine.

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