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360 VLC (VLC 3.0) brings support 360-degree videos on Mac and Windows

VideoLAN released player 360 VLC (VLC 3.0) Technical Preview that supports playback of spherical panoramic photographs and spatial video shot in 360 degree mode. You can download it for Windows and Mac.

VLC 360 supports videos shot in mode 360-degree video that allows us to consider not only what is happening in front of the camera, but around removed. To control the rotation of a virtual camera, you can use the keyboard or mouse.

The program supports zooming and multiple viewing modes collapsed (look at the ball and look inside of the ball). To speed up rendering used software interfaces OpenGL or Direct3D11.

Download VLC 360 platforms on macOS and Windows, Linux users are encouraged to build from source.

In the future mode 360 degree plan to adapt for versions of VLC for iOS, Android and Xbox One, in which spatial navigation can be used sensors of the smartphone. In the desktop version is expected to support virtual reality helmets, such as a Daydream, in Oculus, OSVR, and Vive, as well as tools for playback of 3D sound.

Download 360 VLC (VLC 3.0) Technical Preview for Mac here and for Windows here.

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